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Charity Skydives

GoSkydive is the only specialist first-time tandem skydiving centre in the UK. Our team are specifically trained to work with first-time jumpers. Our high levels of customer care and attention have resulted in partnerships with 100’s of charities across the UK who jump with us throughout the year. In 2015 we helped our charity partners raise over £500,000 for good causes


You can skydive for any charity you choose
Some of the charities that we work with have designated charity days booked with us – other charities we work with on an ad hoc basis but whichever charity you want to skydive for you can do it with GoSkydive.


 Join one of our pre-arranged charity skydive days
Charities that have designated days are listed in our calendar below, you can join any of these days by selecting the calendar entry and booking your skydive as per that charity’s requirements.



Booking a charity skydive for a charity not listed
If your charity is not listed that’s not a problem you can still book an independent charity skydive to raise money for them. Click the ‘Book a Charity Skydive’ button and let us know which charity you are jumping for. Then select your date and pay a £50 deposit.

We’ll give a donation of £24 for you to give to your charity by discounting the price of your jump from the standard £249 to £225.


Book 20 charity skydives and we’ll donate a skydive for you to auction
If there’s more than 10 of you in your group we’ll contact your charity on your behalf and see if they’d like to set up a charity day with us. If you have a charity group of 20 or more we’ll give you a free skydive to auction off to raise more money for your cause.


Book a charity skydiving day
If you are a charity or a large group wanting to organize a charity skydiving event please contact Amber on 01722 568755 or email

Book a charity skydive

our charity partners

Check availability and book online.

Alternatively, book your Skydive directly with one of our team on 01722 568 663

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