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The Forest Of Dean Children’s Opportunity Centre


About The Forest Of Dean Children’s Opportunity Centre

Who We Are:

Created over 30 years ago, the charity has its roots firmly based supporting families and children with additional needs. Today the centre is for all children, giving those without additional needs empathy and appreciation for others, regardless of differences. Here we value each child’s unique qualities. We provide care, support and facilities which enable all children to grow and learn together at our Childcare Setting, Holiday Playscheme & Play Sessions.


What We Do:

From 3 months to preschool, there is a place for everyone here and we can help those without transport to access our facilities on our own minibus. Early intervention is key to helping our children reach their full potential, the outstanding skills of our staff allow us to provide specialist support if and when required. We have established excellent working relationships with Physiotherapists, Speech & Language Therapists, Paediatricians and Health Visitors and Social Workers in Gloucestershire. Our help extends to the whole family around the child, through support groups and workshops. It is an informal meeting place for parents and professionals involved in the care of the children , from those at the beginning of a diagnosis to those who have diverse and complex conditions. Our world is changing for the better, we are breaking down barriers  for those with special needs, which is why our centre is for all children, learning and growing together.


Why We Need You:

Now we’re in 2023, the Centre is looking for sponsorship to keep our early years children and education, forest school, sensory room and family workshops afloat. We don’t receive any government funding over above nursery funding, so we rely entirely on grant aid, local sponsorship and personal contributions. We wouldn’t be able to continue serving our community and the children who need us most without your support.

Charity Details

The Forest Of Dean Children’s Opportunity Centre

Contact:Johanna Warren


Charity Sector

Babies & Children

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