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Hounds for Heroes


About Hounds for Heroes

Who We Are:

Hounds for Heroes is a UK registered charity who provide specially trained assistance dogs to injured or disabled personnel of both the UK Armed Forces and Emergency Services. We aim to provide help and practical support leading to an enhanced quality of life.

What We Do:

Since its establishment in 2010, Hounds for Heroes have successfully partnered 18 specially trained assistance dogs with clients, currently have 10 active partnerships and delivered more than 79 dog years of specialist training. Our assistance dogs have proven to help someone overcome physical barriers and obstacles caused by their disability, promoting an increased sense of freedom and wellbeing and providing a loyal comrade and in many cases the beginning of a new life. We also understand that everyone’s needs and personalities are different, which is why we train our dogs to assist with general tasks as well as working on bespoke tasks to suit partners’ individual needs.

Why We Need You:

Hounds for Heroes does not receive any government funding, therefore we rely solely on donations from the public and legacies to help us continue to enhance the lives of injured or disabled UK Armed Forces or Emergency Services personnel. We want to help as many injured or disabled ex-service personnel as possible through the provision of our assistance dogs. It is our ambitious, yet necessary, mission to train and partner a minimum of eight new dogs per year from 2022 onwards. However, we need to raise £300,000 each year to achieve our goal. By supporting Hounds for Heroes you will help deliver this mission and give someone a better quality of life through a partnership with a specially trained assistance dog.

Charity Details

Hounds for Heroes

Contact:Hannah Langley + Charlotte Ringer +

Telephone:01730 823118

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