Why do people skydive?

Posted: 4th April 2019

There are probably a handful of reasons that have made you come across our website today: you’re either considering skydiving yourself or as a gift for someone. In the first instance, what are your reasons for wanting to jump out of a perfectly good plane?

- Charity is one of the biggest reasons for wanting to accomplish a tandem skydive, doing something amazing and raising money at the same time is an excellent motivation to conquer your fears.

- Completing a bucket list is another big reason for wanting to jump out of a plane, experiencing an out of this world experience and the rush of a tandem skydive.

- A cause for celebration such as a big birthday or special occasions (marriage proposals, anniversaries, graduations) are a great reason to do a tandem skydive. The memorable experience will stay with you forever!

Interestingly the first skydive will also happen to be a real turning point in lots of peoples lives, acting almost as a catalyst for some major positive change.

Do you have a charitable cause that is close enough to your heart to make you want to do something truly amazing? Or maybe you’re buying this experience as a surprise gift for someone and toying with the idea to surprise not only them, but yourself? Are you ready to turn your life around? Then let’s do this!

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Daughters skydive

Reveiwed 21 July 2019

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Wow what an experience

Reveiwed 16 July 2019

Have always wanted to skydive, and the Goskydive team made it a day I will never forget. They were professional, well organised , friendly and helpful. I would definitely recommend Goskydive... Read full review

An amazing experience from start to finish

Reveiwed 15 July 2019

We took part in a Skydive for charity fundraising, and wow what an experience it was. The staff were friendly, heldpfula nd professional thoughoutm from pre-visit phone calls until after the jump... Read full review

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