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Tandem Skydiver falling from aeroplane in sunshine

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1st time skydivers are GUARANTEED to go through these 14 thoughts

03 Jun 2014

  1. “Yeah, I’d like to book a skydive please…”

“…Thank you sir, here is confirmation of your booking”


    1. Hang on, I just booked a SKYDIVE?!


    1. “Guys, guess what im doing… a skydive”.


    1. Not long now, that’s cool…


    1. Literally hours to go…


    1. You know what? It’ll probably rain… I won’t have to go through with it


    1. Do I really want to do this?


    1. “Hey Mr Instructor, how’s it going, yeah, no worries, I’m cool”


    1. Please don’t let me do anything stupid again…


    1. Wow, you can see a lot of Wiltshire from up here…


    1. I just jumped out of an aeroplane man!


    1. Just act cool if they ask if I’d do it again…


    1. I said cool…


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