The centre

  • 1Reception and Induction area
  • 2Media Centre
  • 3Kitting out and Training Centre
  • 4Family area and Departure Zone
  • 5Active Airfield
  • 6Main Entrance
  • 7Café
  • 8Parking

Check-in and induction

Once you arrive at the centre, you will see a member of our meet and great team who will guide you through to the self check-in area. Here you’ll need your ‘booking reference’ to register your arrival and input any final details on the iPads.


Within 30 minutes of your check-in we’ll call you through to the induction room where our one of our customer experience team members will give you the low-down on what to expect throughout the day and give you some tips on how to get the most out of your tandem skydive experience. We will show you some amazing videos and answer any questions you may have about the awesome experience.

Training Centre and Kitting-up area

About 20 minutes before your jump you’ll be called through to the kitting-up area. Here our ground crew team will assist you with goggles and securing your face covering. You’ll then be fitted with a harness before your specialist training begins.


The pre-jump training session is conducted by one of our highly qualified instructors in a simulated training environment. This session will last about 10 – 15 minutes and will give you the instruction required for your tandem skydive. This session will show you the positions you will use for plane exit, freefall and landing. It is also an opportunity for you to meet your fellow jumpers as you’ll be staying with this group for your flight up to altitude.

Departure zone


The departure area is adjacent to the airfield and is our last stop before take-off. Here you’ll meet you instructor and record the start of your tandem skydive movie as you wait for your flight to be ready. We operate from a fully operational airfield so for your safety you are not allowed onto the runway at any time. Once your flight is ready your instructor will escort you to the plane.


The departure area is strictly for jumpers only but you will be close and clearly visible to any friends and family that you’ve brought along for support.


Centre information

Local to us

Things to do and places to stay in the local area. Salisbury has huge historical significance and is featured in the Lonely Planet's top 10 cities.

Salisbury and Wiltshire

Free Parking

There is plenty of free parking for our tandem skydivers and their friends and family.

Find Us

Located at Old Sarum Airfield, in Salisbury on the central South Coast. GoSkydive is easily accessible from the South West, the South East and Central England.

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Media Centre

Our friendly media team will have your video and stills sent out to you on a hyperlink ready for you use the same day.

Video and Stills Options

Family and Spectators

Why not bring along your friends and family to support you on the day. Spectators are welcome to join you, as are well behaved dogs.

On-site Café

Our Salisbury dropzone offers an onsite café, serving hot and cold snacks through-out the day. The café will be open Thursday - Monday 10am until 2pm. We extend the café opening hours during GoSkydive operating hours. Please note we are unable to accept cash.

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