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Skydive South West London

Skydive South West London….fulfil the burning desire – see the real England from 10,000 feet!


It sounds… scary, nerve racking and unbelievable! Could you do it? Could you Skydive South West London? Thousands of South West London residents every year make the short drive to the UKs Premier Tandem Skydiving centre – for a once in a lifetime adrenalin rush. A large number of lucky jumpers from South West London are looking for the UKs premier first time specialists in Tandem Skydiving. They find GoSkydive and the reviews speak for themselves. We provide a safe and comfortable environment and maintain an outstanding reputation in the industry.


Come Skydiving South West London locals and fulfil that desire – Find out how easy it really is by phoning GoSkydive on 01722 568 664 or book online:

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Fantastic whole-day experience!

Reveiwed 09 November 2015

If this experience isn't already on your bucket list, then it should be! Fantastic doesn't even begin to describe the feeling of free-fall at 10,000ft. The whole day was great from start to finish... 
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Tandem Skydive
South West London

Tandem Skydive Candidates from South West London are treated to a specialised, relaxed, professional and caring organisation just a short drive down the M3. Tandem Skydiving South West London locals agree on GoSkydive’s firm reputation as the premier Tandem Skydiving centre in the UK.Tandem Skydivers from South West London are met by our friendly, experienced staff and walked through each and every step of their very first dive! GoSkydive provides a comfortable, safe and reassuring environment for inexperienced, first time jumpers.


So for all you South West Londoners the team are waiting to give each and every skydiver an amazing, safe and friendly experience.


GoSkydive proudly maintains a 100% safety record and boasts thousands of jumps every year – Make the short drive from South West London and you’re in safe hands!

Why choose a tandem skydive?

A tandem sky diving experience is the safest and least stressful form of Skyiving for the first timer. Reason being you’re not required to do any of the hard work! Just to have an absolute blast, and never forget the day!


There are very few limitations to participation in a tandem skydive. South West London residents have the UK’s premier Tandem Skydiving operation literally down the road. Tandem sky dive and let your introduction to the sport be pleasant, safe and unbelievably exciting.


Tandem Skydive South West London – Restrictions. Minimum age is 16 (16-18 requires parental consent) and we have skydivers as old as 75! Medical forms are to be completed by those aged over 40, and those with outstanding medical conditions. South West London doctors and practitioners are regularly approached by candidates wanting to jump at GoSkydive – it is rarely a problem!

15,000 ft

2.8 mile

Freefall for 60 seconds
at 120 mph


10,000 ft

1.8 mile

Freefall for 30 seconds
at 120 mph


Charity Skydive South West London

There is no doubt about it – you can’t walk 5 yards in London without being asked to donate to a charity. There are just so very many – it makes it hard for you and hard for the charities competing for your hard earned cash!


You need to be doing something interesting, something amazing and life changing to attract sponsorship funds. Skydive South coast conducts thousands of Charity Skydives each year and the success stories are endless! Read all about them on Facebook at GoSkydive.


You’ll be taking part in a life changing activity guaranteed to draw people to sponsorship for charity. GoSkydive works with more affiliated charities in the UK than any other skydiving company. Hundreds of people flock to GoSkydive each year and take the next step in fund raising. Call us today and ask about our Charity affiliations – We’ll get you Charity Skydive South West Londoners all set up for the big day.


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Alternatively, book your Skydive directly with one of our team on 01722 568 663

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