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The UK's specialist tandem skydiving centre just 90 minutes from London

GoSkydive is the UK’s only specialist first-time tandem skydive centre. Located in Salisbury on the central south coast just 90 minutes from London, GoSkydive is the UK’s closest tandem skydiving centre to the capital. If you are travelling to us from London by car our centre is easily accessible from the M3,  by rail Salisbury has regular trains from London Waterloo and Clapham Junction. So if you have never tandem skydived before and are looking to tandem skydive in South West London, GoSkydive is the closest specialist centre.

Nearly 50% of our customers come from London, choosing to tandem skydive with GoSkydive following a recommendation from friends and family in London. With 225 positive Trip Advisor reviews and over 15k Facebook followers we are the UK’s Best Rated Tandem Skydive Centre. Check-out reviews from tandem skydivers who travelled to us from London.

If you’re travelling from London and are not up to an early start and would like a later check-in time do let the team know and they’ll do all they can to accommodate you.

15,000 ft

2.8 mile

Freefall for 60 seconds
at 120 mph


10,000 ft

1.8 mile

Freefall for 30 seconds
at 120 mph


7,000 ft

voucher offer

Freefall for 10 seconds
at 120 mph

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Travel times to Go Skydive

Tandem Skydive
South West London

Customers travel to GoSkydive from London because like us they want their tandem skydive experience to be the best it can possibly be. At GoSkydive, customers from London and across the UK are taken through a customer journey that cannot be matched by any other skydiving centre in the UK. We are the only centre that specializes in jumps for first time skydivers from London and the South. But what does that mean? It means that we only do tandem skydives – you won’t be competing for time and space with sports jumpers – the whole day is built around you and other first-time skydivers from London. We’ll consider your travel time from London and try and get you booked in later in the day, we’ll keep you updated with weather reports to, where possible, avoid unnecessary delays. There will be a briefing within 30 minutes of your arrival, you’ll receive full training in a simulated environment and there will be a whole team of people on hand to support you at all times.


If you want to tandem skydive and you live in London remember GoSkydive is not just another dropzone – it is the UK’s leading tandem skydiving centre. We believe a tandem skydive is more than jumping out of a plane – it’s a true life experience that will stay with you forever. GoSkydive is the only dropzone in the UK and indeed the world to offer all customers, including those from South West London, specialist training on the body positions for tandem skydiving  in a simulated tandem skydive training environment. Fully approved by the British Parachute Association, this facility has been designed by the experienced team at GoSkydive who place safety and the continued safety development for the sport at their core. Find out more about our specialist training facility.

Why choose a tandem skydive with GoSkydive?

A tandem sky diving experience is the safest and least stressful form of Skydiving for the first timer. You are secured to a highly qualified tandem instructor who will control the freefall, deploy the parachute and bring you into land.

There are very few limitations to participation in a tandem skydive. You can find out more about the pre-jump criteria here. South West London residents have the UK’s specialist Tandem Skydiving centre within easy driving distance. Tandem sky dive and let your introduction to the sport be pleasant, safe and unbelievably exciting.

Tandem Skydive South West London. Skydive criteria: You need to be at least 16 years old to do a tandem skydive but there is no upper age limit and our oldest jumper to date was a staggering 95 years old. The only proviso is that if you are over 40 you will need to get your GP to sign one of our medical forms. We have lots of skydivers from South West London and across the UK who are over the age of 40 so please don’t let that that stop you. You can print off one of our forms for your GP to sign here. You’ll also need to get this signed if you have any pre-existing medical conditions. Any queries just give one of the team a call and we can talk through everything with you.

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Reveiwed 18 January 2016

I did my Skydive from 10,000ft on Saturday and I was so nervous. I don't particularly like flying, I don't like small planes and I really hate taking off in small planes so my poor instructor EJ was... Read full review


Reveiwed 17 January 2016

I have only have two words for my experience at GoSkydive - absolutely insane! I first had my skydive booked for December but due to the weather it had to be postponed, but the team at GoSkydive... Read full review

Charity Skydive South West London

There is no doubt about it – you can’t walk 5 yards in London without being asked to donate to a charity. There are just so very many – it makes it hard for you and hard for the charities competing for your hard earned cash!

You need to be doing something interesting, something amazing and life changing to attract sponsorship funds. GoSkydive works with hundreds of charities across the UK doing thousands of Charity Skydives each year and here is just one of them – Take a look at Zoe Ball’s jump for MNDA here.

If you do decide to do a tandem skydive for charity – you’ll be taking part in a life changing activity guaranteed to draw people to sponsorship for charity. GoSkydive works with more affiliated charities in the UK than any other skydiving company. Call Amber in the charity team 01722 568755 or email for more info on a charity affiliations. If you want to do a charity skydive over South West London – GoSkydive is the closest specialist centre.  Find out more.


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