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7000ft  | Taster Skydive

A Taster Tandem Skydive takes place from the lower altitude of 7000ft on any Thursday or Friday between Jan and June 2017. You'll get up to 10 second taste of high adrenaline freefall followed by an amazing under canopy skyride. Your highly qualified instructor will control and manage your entire descent, releasing the parachute and bringing you in to land.

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10,000 ft | Book today with just a £49 deposit

This is the real thing! The excitement builds as our plane takes you up to 10,000ft before an unbeatable adrenaline rush as you freefall for 30 seconds. Click 'Buy Now' to select your jump date and book online today with just a £49 deposit.

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15,000 ft | Book today with just a £49 deposit

The ultimate skydiving experience. Jumping from the highest altitude possible in the UK, the 15,000ft skydive is a pulse-racing-freefall of upto 60 seconds! Click 'Buy Now' to select your jump date and book today with just a £49 deposit.

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Find your charity and jump from as little as £50.

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Birthdays, marriage proposals, anniversaries, stag and hen parties - whatever the occasion a tandem skydive is a great way to celebrate!

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