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The Dash Charity
Fundraising Target: £400
Contact: Julie Smith
Telephone: 01753 549865


Invite your friends and family to jump with you or just help us spread the word about our charity skydives. The more people we get to jump the more money we raise for The Dash Charity.

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Who we are:

We are a small charity, established in 1976 (formerly known as Berkshire East and South Bucks Women’s Aid).  For the past four decades we have been providing practical and emotional support for victims of domestic abuse in the communities of the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead (RBWM), Slough and South Buckinghamshire.  We are known and recognised locally as experts in delivering timely, holistic and appropriate services, able to “reach out” to women, men and children who, without our existence, would not have access to the support they need.

What we do:

  • Our overall aim is to break the cycle of domestic abuse and confront the barriers faced by victims of domestic abuse.
  • To provide support via a range of activities and services for victims of domestic abuse (women, children and men), who, as a result of their situation are vulnerable and disadvantaged.
  • To fracture and disprove established myths and stereotypes that justifies and/or excuse domestic violence and abuse and enables victims to recognise that they are not to blame


Acting as an advocate gives people a “voice”. Effectively, “breaking the silence”, as many of our clients have been “silent” about the abuse for many years. For many of our clients, disclosure of domestic abuse is tough and complicated. Our work with them is a little like “peeling an onion”. We find there are many layers of difficulties they need help and support with (e.g. emotional difficulties (fear, anxiety, depression, lack of confidence, low self esteems), health problems (drug and alcohol dependency, mental ill – health), financial difficulties, and ongoing criminal proceedings against their perpetrator. Their problems are frequently multiple and complex, intertwined and can often feel overwhelming. We support them to prioritise their difficulties.  Taking one step at a time to lessen the sense of being overwhelmed.

Our primary focus is in reducing the imminent and significant risk for people

The support we provide is be-spoke, as although there are commonalities with domestic abuse, the impact of domestic abuse is unique to each person.


  • Advocacy and Outreach Support
  • Children and Young People’s Team
  • 3 refuges (safe houses) which can house up to 14 women and 18 children at any one time.
  • A dedicated telephone helpline
  • Therapeutic programmes for women/children and young people.
  • Our Freedom Project to help women develop confidence, new skills  and new  ways of thinking and behaving so they are more able to protect themselves and their children from domestic abuse .  Enabling them to move on with their lives.

Why we need you:

Due to the nature of domestic abuse and the power and control which the perpetrator typically holds over their victim, sometimes for years, it’s often very difficult for victims to “speak out” and get the support that they need.  Frequently, victims feel ashamed about what has happened to them and terrified of what the perpetrator may do to them if he or she finds out that they have sought help.

Domestic abuse can include a range of abusive behaviours, including psychological, physical, sexual, emotional, financial and coercive. In our experience, victims of domestic abuse have suffered from at least two of these behaviour s from their abuser, and often for a significant period of time prior to seeking help.


A list of charities that we are partnered with are here for you to select. Some of the charities that we work with have fundraising targets and others are self-funded by yourself, each charity we work with will state if they will contribute to some of your jump cost or if you need to self-fund your own place.


You can book individually or as a group with just a £50 deposit per person on any operational day. Some of the charities we work with have reserved spaces on pre-selected days that you are more than welcome to join.


OK you’re all set – This is now the time to start fundraising for your selected charity, we recommend to set up an online fundraising page as all funds you raise will automatically go to the charity of your choice. Please remember you are unable to use any money raised to pay for your skydive and if you have a target set by the charity you have to hit this 3 weeks before the date of your jump to ensure these funds are online for the charity to see!

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If your charity is not listed you can still book an independent charity skydive.
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