The GoSkydive Apprenticeship Scheme

The GoSkydive, Tandem Skydive Instructor Apprenticeship scheme is the first on its kind in the world with all skydive ratings and licences coming from the British Parachute Association (BPA). Designed by GoSkydive founder and BPA councillor Gordon Blamire the scheme is a result of the year on year growth of this high adrenalin experience. For some, tandem skydiving is the very start of an interest in skydiving as a hobby and sport but for the new majority it is a once in a lifetime experience and a life changing event.


Exceptional Customer Service is at the heart of the GoSkydive brand and is a major part of the apprenticeship programme. GoSkydive Tandem instructors are required to not only be fully qualified, full time professionals, they need to manage the range of emotions that first time skydives bring, they need to be committed to delivering the best experience for every customer every time, they need to understand that every element of the customer journey is part of the tandem skydive experience and they need to fully appreciate how it is delivered.



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Experience it to know it! It's crazy!

Reveiwed 13 December 2022

Omg! The experience is indescribable. I am still on an adrenaline high ever since I jumped on 25th of Nov, 2022. This has to be one of the best experiences in my life. I would like to take time out... 
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A new breed of Tandem Skydive Instructor

The Programme


Throughout the 2 year programme, apprentices will gain skills in all areas of the business including
Sales and Marketing
Customer Service
Business Administration
Photography and Video Editing
Dropzone (Tandem Skydive Centre) Management
Skydiving specific first response training


Skydive Specific Training Including:
Accelerated Freefall Training
300 skydives
Parachute handling skills and improving freefall skills with particular focus on camera flying skills.
Focus on flying relative to tandem pair.
Complete all requirements for C license, demonstrating a high level of competence.



The 2 year Programme – Key Milestones


The apprenticeship is designed to be a 2 year programme with recruits being;


  • A Qualified Freefall Video and Stills Photographer at the end of year 1
  • A proficient skydiver by the end of year 2


After completion of the 2 year apprenticeship there will be a number of options these would include but would not be limited to;


The option to take the Tandem Instructors Rating and continue as a Tandem Skydive Instructor
Begin a Commercial Pilots License


15,000 ft

2.8 mile

Freefall for 60 seconds
at 120 mph


10,000 ft

1.8 mile

Freefall for 30 seconds
at 120 mph


7,000 ft

1.3 mile

Freefall for 10 seconds
at 120 mph


Have you got what it takes?

GoSkydive is a young, vibrant, growing company, employing customer focused individuals with a can-do attitude. The GoSkydive Apprenticeship Scheme is an exciting opportunity for young people to join the GoSkydive team, gaining experience in all areas of the business with the ultimate aim of becoming a specialist tandem skydive instructor and the potential to manage a customer centric dropzone.


The qualifications and person skills required to be considered for the GoSkydive apprenticeship scheme are;


A minimum of 5 GCSE’s grade C or above including Maths and English.
A relevant tertiary qualification; this could be in sport, customer services, hospitality, tourism or any area that the candidate can clearly align with the role.
Some level of customer service experience most likely from a retail or hospitality environment
An active interest in sport and or outdoor activities and pursuits
A positive ‘can-do’ mentality
Proven leadership skills
Excellent interpersonal skills




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