This is the kind of gift that they will never, ever forget!

For a gift like no other, get them a voucher for GoSkydive. The specialist team for first time tandem jumpers.

Gift Cards are sent out in the Presentation Pack. Hoodie and Gift Box are part of the ROCKSTAR package but can
also be added to your order at checkout.

Tandem Skydive Voucher10,000ft


Our most popular tandem skydive gift voucher. A skydive from 10,000ft resulting in a 30 second ground rushing freefall experience. All tandem skydives include a magical 5 minute parachute ride across the Salisbury Plains.

What's Included?

  • Flight to 10,000ft
  • 30 seconds of freefall time
  • 5 minute parachute sky-ride
  • First-class training and gear hire
  • Valid for 12 months from the date of purchase
£259buy now
10,000ft Upgrade

Upgrade to 15,000ft
for just £69


Our 15,000ft jump is the highest you can skydive in the UK, meaning almost a full minute of high adrenaline freefall time, reaching speeds of 125mph.

For action junkies it doesn’t get better than this.

Why Upgrade?

  • Extended flight to 15,000ft - the highest possible tandem jump altitude in the UK
  • Double your freefall time to a huge 60 seconds
  • 5 minute parachute sky-ride

Tandem Skydive VoucherTaster


A great introduction to Tandem Skydiving gets you jumping from our lowest altitude of 7000ft. This gives you a 5-10 second introduction to the freefall experience. The focus of this jump is the parachute canopy ride, guided by the instructor. Taster Tandems are not valid for our peak season (June – September) and only take place on Mondays and Thursdays.

What's Included?

  • Flight to 7,000ft
  • 5-10 seconds of freefall time
  • 5 minute parachute sky-ride
  • First-class training and gear hire
  • Valid for 12 months from the date of purchase
  • 12 months membership of British Skydiving
£209buy now

Tandem Skydive VoucherJump Reservation


The perfect incentive to get someone skydiving – pay their booking fee. This gives that someone the opportunity to book the 10,000ft or 15,000ft skydive within the next 12 months. You’ll have paid their £50 non-refundable booking fee so they’ll just need pay the remainder.

What's Included?

  • Booking fee for up to 60 seconds of freefall time (jump dependent)
  • Booking fee for 5 minute parachute sky-ride
  • Option for a flight and freefall from 10,000 or 15,000ft
  • Option for a flight and freefall from 10,000 or 15,000ft
  • Valid for 12 months from the date of purchase
£50buy now

Tandem Skydive VoucherRockstar


This really is a ROCKSTAR of a package, a mega tandem skydive gift experience where literally everything is included! Not only will the recipient of this gift skydive from the highest possible jump altitude in the UK of 15,000ft, the whole experience will also be recorded by two cameras from two perspectives resulting in the production of two awesome videos and two lots of digital photographs.

A GoPro is mounted to the tandem instructors wrist for the close-up perspective, recording the expression and emotion of the jumper both in freefall and under canopy. In addition a trained camera flyer will skydive alongside the jumper capturing the skydive in perspective with the plane and the fast approaching earth below. The highly skilled camera flyer will also engage with the jumper during freefall capturing these surreal interactions at 2-3 miles up. Plus the ROCKSTAR package comes gift boxed with an ADRENALINE hoodie.

What's Included?

  • Flight to 15,000ft

  • 60 seconds of freefall time

  • 5 minute parachute sky-ride

  • Free-fall photographer photo & video footage

  • Instructor GoPro video & photo footage

  • Gift box including the GoSkydive ‘Adrenaline’ hoodie

  • First-class training and gear hire

  • Valid for 12 months from the date of purchase

The perfect gift experience

An experience that puts your senses in to overdrive. Beyond exhilarating, it defies description and leaves you so ecstatic you want to scream out loud.

Buying a Tandem Skydive Gift Experience has never been easier. Just follow these four simple steps!

Choose an experience

Choose from one of the gift experiences above and then click ‘Buy Now’.


Select how you want the gift experience to be packaged - either a presentation pack or an eVoucher. Add one of our NEW adrenaline hoodies.

your gift

The gift experience will be sent to you to give to the gift recipient.

Redeem the

The recipient calls us, quoting the voucher code and selects a date for their skydive.

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Experience it to know it! It's crazy!

   |   Reveiwed 13 December 2022

Omg! The experience is indescribable. I am still on an adrenaline high ever since I jumped on 25th of Nov, 2022. This has to be one of the best experiences in my life. I would like to take time out... Read full review

Bucket list complete..

   |   Reveiwed 27 November 2022

A must do for anyone… it’s been my dream of doing a freefall sky dive since I was 5 .. I’m now 55 and today I did something that was amazing.. I was lucky enough to win this on a competition site... Read full review

Words can't describe the experience - incredible team.

   |   Reveiwed 21 November 2022

Absolutely incredible experience, one I feel absolutely honoured to have had. Myself and my partner did it together as a belated birthday present after various postponements for 1.5 years which Josh... Read full review

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Why choose GoSkydive?

The UK's only specialist first-time jump tandem skydive centre

First-time jump specialists

GoSkydive is the UK’s only specialist skydive centre for first-time jumpers. Our specialist team are trained to work specifically with first-time jumpers, guiding them through this amazing life experience.

The UK's Best Rated Skydiving Centre

Don't take our word for it– check-out over 1000+ 'Excellent' Trip Advisor reviews and the comments on our Facebook Page.

A World First

GoSkydive have developed the world's first simulated training area for tandem skydive jumpers. Fully approved by British Skydiving this facility puts GoSkydive's safety development ahead of any other tandem skydiving centre.

British Skydiving

GoSkydive instructors are full time, British Skydiving tandem masters.

Who can jump?

Tandem Skydiving is pretty much accessible to all, so long as you are over 16 and are relatively fit and healthy you can tandem skydive with us. We are first time jump specialists so you’ll need no prior training.

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