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Chloes and Sophies Special Ears Fund
Fundraising Target: £450 for 10,000ft and £600 for 15,000ft
Contact: Ellie Simpson
Telephone: 07931310430


Invite your friends and family to jump with you or just help us spread the word about our charity skydives. The more people we get to jump the more money we raise for Chloes and Sophies Special Ears Fund.

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Who we are

Chloe’s and Sophie’s Special Ears Fund (CSSEF). CSSEF is inspired and motivated by Chloe and Sophie Jackson. Chloe and Sophie are sisters and both live in Aldershot, Hampshire.

When Chloe was 4 years old, her parents (Karen and Brian seen in the photo to the left) went along to a routine yearly hearing test. Chloe’s parents were told the words they never thought they would hear, Chloe was deaf. A question mark hung over Sophie’s hearing. After being told Sophie could hear on many occasions, her parents were told that Sophie was deaf as well.

Shortly after Chloe started school, her parents found out there was things out there that could help her hear more in the classroom and school.

Initially, CSSEF was a community fund, raising pennies to put hessian and thick pile rugs into Chloe’s classroom.  A lot of friends and family got behind the Jackson family and with this, on 21st October 2010, CSSEF was founded.


What we do

We are passionate about raising deaf awareness in the local community.  We do this through:

– Providing deaf awareness sessions in schools, companies, brownies, scouts and more;

– Providing deaf awareness story sacks to schools, pre-schools and nurseries;

– Providing deaf awareness classroom resource kits to junior schools;

– Providing schools, scouts, rainbows, beavers, brownies and local businesses with deaf awareness posters;

– Hosting monthly Deaf Awareness Workshops;

– Giving FREE Deaf Awareness books to school children in ‘World Book Day’ Week.

To enhance the sound acoustics we can:

– Provide hessian for the back of noticeboards;

– Provide thick pile rugs;

– Provide radio aids, soundfield systems and more to improve the sound with technology.

Provide resources and equipment to Deaf Children to support their emotional wellbeing.  We do this through:

– Weesie Pals, having a cuddly toy like them with Hearing Aid, Baha or Cochlear Implant;

– BSL After School Clubs;

– Provide suitable riding bike helmets;

– Deaf Friendly Swimming Lessons;

– Cochlear Implant Aqua Covers;

– Parents access and funding to learn BSL Level 1;

– Provide vibrating watches and alarm clocks.


Why we need you

£30 buys a vibrating watch to let them know to check for bubbles in their hearing aids at schools.  This provides independence and is a confidence builder.

£50 buys hessian to put behind notice boards of the whole school to reduce echo’s.

£90 pays for a term of deaf friendly swimming lessons.

£430 pays for a parent to learn BSL level 1.

£250 buys a thick pile rug to reduce echo’s.

£1400 buys a personal radio to give to a deaf child to enhance sound acoustics and also for the child’s well being in school.

£1,500 buys a Soundfield System to improve the sound acoustics for the child in school.

These are a few examples of where CSSEF really needs your help to support deaf children in school.  Do Something Amazing Today and change their education.


A list of charities that we are partnered with are here for you to select. Some of the charities that we work with have fundraising targets and others are self-funded by yourself, each charity we work with will state if they will contribute to some of your jump cost or if you need to self-fund your own place.


You can book individually or as a group with just a £50 deposit per person on any operational day. Some of the charities we work with have reserved spaces on pre-selected days that you are more than welcome to join.


OK you’re all set – This is now the time to start fundraising for your selected charity, we recommend to set up an online fundraising page as all funds you raise will automatically go to the charity of your choice. Please remember you are unable to use any money raised to pay for your skydive and if you have a target set by the charity you have to hit this 3 weeks before the date of your jump to ensure these funds are online for the charity to see!

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