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Fundraising Target: £350
Contact: Laura Miles
Telephone: 0303 303 1230


Invite your friends and family to jump with you or just help us spread the word about our charity skydives. The more people we get to jump the more money we raise for Aerobility.

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Who we are:

Aerobility are a unique flying charity, who are able to make the magic of flight affordable and accessible for people across the entire spectrum of disability.

Last year almost 936 disabled people accessed our services, with over 500 turning their dream of flight into an exhilarating and fulfilling reality.

For those who don’t wish fly, we hold regular ground based aviation experience days and education programmes. These events include an exciting mix of activities such as model making, a tour of the airfield and use of our simulator, which can realistically recreate the experience of flight.

What we do:

With adapted light aircraft and specially trained flying instructors, our most popular service is our 30 minute trial lesson, during which the participant will take control of the aircraft in flight!

This amazing experience alone is often enough to change a person’s outlook on their disability forever, empowering them to overcome any barriers they may experience in their daily lives. Others, realising the fantasy of flight is truly in their grasp, decide to continue their training all the way to securing a Private Pilot’s Licence!

We also provide a wide range of fully accessible aviation based education and recreation activities, all with the objective of inspiring a realisation of ability and providing an opportunity to learn transferable life skills.

Why we need you:

By jumping for Aerobility you will enable us to continue bringing the magic of flight to disabled people, providing them with a life-changing realisation of their ability. Thank you to the sky and back!


Some of the charities that we work with have designated charity days booked with us – other charities we work with on an ad hoc basis but whichever charity you want to skydive for you can do it with GoSkydive.


Book individually or as a group with just a £50 deposit per person.We’ll contact your charity on your behalf if you book 10 or more places. If you have a charity group of 20 or more we’ll give you a free skydive to auction off to raise more money for your cause.


OK you’re all set – now you just need to reach your fundraising target. Set up your online giving page and regularly publish the link out on your social media. We’ve got a few fundraising tips below to help you along the way.

Charity not listed? Not a problem...

If your charity is not listed you can still book an independent charity skydive.
Book your Skydive directly with one of our team on 01722 568604

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