June 2017

Once upon a time becoming a tandem skydive instructor was only considered by the few and made a reality by even less – but all of that has now changed. GoSkydive is the UK’s only specialist tandem skydiving centre for first time jumpers and it is now the only skydiving centre in the world to […]

What is Freefall?

20th June 2017

We’ve come to realise that try as we might to not use industry specific language we sometimes fail and it seems that when we talk about ‘Freefall’ people are often unclear as to what that actually means. So what is freefall? Freefall is the state that a tandem skydive pair are in when they first […]

The third round of the World series comes just two weeks after round two and this time we’re in Sweden, hosted by the Stockholm Skydiving club at their dropzone just north of the old town of Uppsala. It’s a proper old fashioned club, run on a not-for-profit basis and all members are ‘shareholders’. This means […]

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