Skydive for Charity

GoSkydive is recognised as one of the top ‘dropzones’ in the UK and we’ve worked with a wide range of charities to help raise over £600,000 since we started our operations in 2009. You and your fellow ‘skydivers’ will be under the supervision of one of our highly experienced instructor’s – from training, to the jump itself, creating a real buzz among supporters and helping spread the word about your own charity. If you are looking for a charity to support you can check out the charitable organisations below who we are already working with. If you have another charity that is not already on the list then no problem you can still jump for them! If you have a charity in mind then simply contact us either by email or telephone on 01722 212 060. Once you have paid your deposit, you need to call the charity and they will send you all the required paperwork – don’t worry everything is simple to complete. You will need to pay the remaining cost of the skydive on the day of the jump, but most charities set a target amount for you to reach –  if you hit this target, the charity might allow you to use some of the sponsorship money you have raised to pay for the jump – so get raising straight away! If you would like to jump for any of the charities listed on the ‘Charity Events Calendar’ below, please contact the charity directly. They would love you to join their organised charity day here at GOskydive so give them a call. Once you have booked a date to jump it really brings everything into focus and urges you on to get those funds raised – it’s like setting your own deadline! Why not get members of your family involved either by helping you to raise money or even jumping with you – then you can really share the excitement and anticipation of the most amazing skydive! Share the Excitement! Are you a charity looking to organise an event? If so, please don’t hesitate to contact Holly our charity co-ordinator at / 01722 212069. We look forward to adding you to our list of partner charities.